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SS/L to Provide NASA with Commercial Satellite-Based Propulsion System

By | January 7, 2010

      [Satellite TODAY 01-07-10] Space Systems/Loral (SS/L) has been selected to provide a propulsion system to NASA‘s Ames Research Center for the Lunar Atmosphere Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) spacecraft, SS/L announced Jan. 6.
          NASA’s LADEE spacecraft is a small observatory intended to study the moon’s thin atmosphere and dust above the lunar surface. The LADEE propulsion system will be a variant of the mission system used by SS/L’s geostationary satellites for television, radio, broadband internet, meteorology and a host of other services.
          "The LADEE mission is extremely important in helping researchers understand how the lunar environment will affect future explorers," NASA LADEE Deputy Project Manager Stevan Spremo said in a statement.

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