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Iran to Unveil Second Homemade Satellite in February

By | December 29, 2009

      [Satellite TODAY 12-29-09] Iran plans to unveil Toloo, its new national satellite, in early February, according to a statement released Dec. 22 by Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi.
          Toloo is under construction by the Iranian Electronics Industries Co. The satellite is Iran’s second following the launch of Omid, its first lightweight telecommunications satellite, in February.
          “The great achievements made by Iran’s defense ministry in the electronics field has both increased Iran’s deterrent power and ended the monopoly of some countries in this complicated field,” Vahidi said.
          The United States has been highly critical of Iran’s satellite program, claiming that it is a cover-up for a nuclear weapons program while urging the international community to tighten sanctions on the country.

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