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Russians Postpone Sun-Scanning Satellite Launch Indefinitely

By | February 2, 2009

      The launch of the Koronas-Foton sun-scanning satellite atop a Tsiklon-3 rocket has been postponed indefinitely, Russian mission control announced, according to the Itar-Tass news agency.

      Officials didn’t say why the launch from the Plesetsk space center in northwest Russia had to be scrubbed, but added they are searching for causes of the un-described glitch.

      The rocket was to have lifted off midweek, with a backup launch opportunity on Friday.

      Koronas-Foton would monitor sunspots, flares and other solar-related activity, providing data that would be critical for space travelers, including those journeying to Mars.

      The satellite also would have examined how the sun affects weather on Earth.

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