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Dubai Sat 2 Launched as Part of Record-Breaking 32 Satellite Launch Onboard Dnepr Rocket

By | November 22, 2013
      Dubaisat UAE

      Dnepr cluster mission launch. Photo: EIAST

      [Via Satellite 11-21-13] The Emirates Institution for Advanced Science and Technology’s (EIAST) Dubai Sat 2 was successfully launched into space at 11:10 a.m.  local UAE time. The launch took place from the Yasny Launch Base in Russia, using the Russian Dnepr rocket provided by the Russian International Space Company (Kozmotras), carrying Dubai Sat 2 as one of 24 total payloads.

      “The new satellite is moving at a descending North-to-South orbit that will allow comprehensive coverage over the UAE to support better surveys and scientific researches,” said Salem Al Marri, assistant general manager of scientific and technical affairs, EIAST.

      According to EIAST, the United Arab Emirates’ team of engineers at the ground station was able to communicate directly with Dubai Sat 2, which entered orbit 15 minutes and 33 seconds after its launch, to accurately determine the path of the satellite.

      Dubai Sat 2 is equipped with an electrical propulsion system that allows the control of its altitude. The new satellite is equipped with technology to enhance the maneuvering capability and increase its agility by 300 percent, as compared to Dubai Sat 1.

      “Dubai Sat 2 has been designed to provide higher quality, electro-optical imagery with a panchromatic resolution of one meter for various applications including environmental projects, urban planning and infrastructure. The satellite is equipped to provide space imagery of the entire world throughout its lifetime and can take multiple images of the same area in one day, as well as receive and process these images from anywhere in the world within one day,” said Amer Al Sayegh, director of EIAST’s space systems development department and Dubai Sat 3 project manager.

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