Report: Cable, Satellite Operator Bundles Driving DVR Sales

[Satellite TODAY 07-23-12] The number of television households with Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) is projected to reach 337.6 million by the year 2018, driven by falling prices and satellite and cable operators’ move to offer DVRs in bundled form along with other services, according to a study issued July 20 by Global Industry Analysts.

   The research report, titled “Digital Video Recorders (DVRs): A Global Strategic Business Report,” found that while DVR ownership rates are significantly less now than during the early 2000s, the market has picked up the pace during the past few years, thanks to declining prices of DVRs.
   “[Falling prices] allowed existing pay-TV broadcasters to offer subsidies, while new entrants into the pay-TV market could offer DVR as an option to attract new customers,” Global Industry Analysts said in the report. “Operators are also encouraging subscribers to acquire DVRs, due to the high consumer satisfaction offered by the device and its critical role in enhancing user loyalty.”
   According to the report, the United States represents the single largest market in terms of number of DVR households. The Asia-Pacific region holds an edge over other geographies in terms of its vast population base, but is hampered by low penetration of DVRs due to high costs. “Digital TV competition in most of Asia-Pacific countries is either non-existent or weak, which in turn makes DVRs relatively expensive for most users … The number of DVR households in Asia-Pacific is projected to reach 45.5 million by the year 2015,” the report said.

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