IPTV Americas Launches Latin American IPTV Satellite Distribution

By | January 14, 2009 | Broadcasting, Satellite News Feed

[Satellite Today 01-14-09] IPTV Americas has launched the first IP satellite distribution platform for Latin America via SES New Skies, IPTV Americas announced Jan. 13.
    IPTV Americas’ content will be distributed to the entire Americas on the NSS-806 spacecraft. The services will uplink from the SES New Skies’ Washington D.C. Mediaport.
    This will enable IPTV Americas to offer an end-to-end satellite-delivered IPTV distribution solution to all telecommunications and cable operators’ head ends in Latin America and the Caribbean. This agreement expands IPTV Americas’ fiber-delivery service aimed to equip small and medium size Latin American telecommunications operators with 80 channels of basic pay TV programming.

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