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SES Launches New Neighborhood in Latin America and New Antenna Seeding Program

By | May 27, 2014

      Ku-band spot-beam coverage of SES’ NSS 806 satellite. Photo: SES

      [Via Satellite 05-27-2014] SES launched a new video distribution neighborhood for the Latin American market and a new antenna seeding program for the NSS 806 satellite. The new neighborhood will provide video channel delivery to cable head-ends throughout the region, as well as the added capacity to support the increasing number of HD channels in the region.

      The new antenna seeding program will be managed by Encompass Digital Media’s Latin American arm (formerly TIBA). Encompass’ services will include procurement, distribution and logistics. The end goal is to deliver widespread access to all cable head-ends from Mexico to Argentina. Encompass has contracted with SES for multiple transponders to provide select premium channels throughout Latin America.

      “This latest investment by SES in a new neighborhood comes at a time when there is high demand for additional capacity, enabling our clients to expand and launch new services,” said Juan Salleras, executive vice president and general manager of Encompass Latin America.

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