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TrueVisions Selects Nevion’s Live Media Transport Solutions

By | March 5, 2014
      Nevion VikinX Router Control Panel Cominnotech

      Nevion VikinX Router Control Panel. Photo:Cominno Technology

      [Via Satellite 03-05-2014] Thailand-based TrueVisions has selected Nevion to provide live media transport solutions to meet the needs of its expanded HD offerings. Nevion has worked with Thailand broadcast equipment provider Strong Brothers 1961 to provide the infrastructure needed to deliver TrueVisions’ new services.

      The media solutions provided to TrueVisions include Nevion Flashlink multiplexers and VikinX routers. Nevion’s Flashlink Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) solution provides fiber connectivity to TrueVisions’ offsite backup recovery location. The solution also provides Flashlink guarantees of reliability, compact size and low power consumption.

      In addition, TrueVision has selected Nevion’s modular 3G HD 256×256 VikinX router for all signal flow at its disaster recovery site. The high-definition router provides live broadcast transmission on main and backup paths.

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