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Miranda Technologies Installs Playout Platform for Westar

By | March 3, 2014
      NVISION 9000 router controls Miranda

      NVISION 9000 router controls. Photo: Miranda Technologies

      [Via Satellite 03-03-2014] Miranda Technologies has announced the installation of its iTX integrated playout platform, along with NVISION routing, Densité signal processing and Belden connectivity solutions, at the Westar Satellite Services master control facility in Cedar Hill, Texas.

      As a subsidiary of New York-based All Mobile Video (AMV), Westar Master Control Services currently provides video playback services to 15 commercial and public broadcasting customers.

      “When we decided to launch an outsourced centralized master control service, we knew that a core component would have to be the most dependable playout solution we could find to streamline operations for all the stations we serve,” said Westar President Richard Duke. “We are a long-time user of Miranda’s Kaleido multiviewers in our mobile production units, so we had a great deal of trust in the Miranda brand. We’ve come to rely on the efficiency and dependability of their solutions and we knew that the iTX playout platform would surpass our performance requirements.”

      Each iTX output server is equipped with graphics capabilities that can be used to enhance channel branding and differentiate individual services. Westar’s core video infrastructure is built around Miranda’s NVISION 8280 144 x 144 router with an NV9000 dual controller that manages all incoming and outgoing video signals.

      The baseband ingest feed of satellite-based content is equipped with a Miranda XVP-3901-F or FRS-3901 frame synchronizer processor to manage aspect ratio and control audio levels before they are routed to an ingest server or to air. The iTX media store function retains the file ingest, regardless of workflow. Miranda’s multichannel EdgeVision monitoring also ensures quality of experience (QoE) for each channel by enabling Westar operators to accurately see and hear the quality of signals received in viewers’ homes.

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