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FreeCast Announces SelectTV VOD Platform

By | January 8, 2014
      SelectTV TV VOD

      Photo: FreeCast

      [Via Satellite 01-08-2014] FreeCast has revealed plans for its new, globally-licensed video on-demand (VOD) platform, SelectTV. The new offering will target telecommunications companies and bandwidth providers that specialize in Internet bandwidth distribution but don’t offer television/cable services.

      SelectTV’s video-on-demand library of free, pay-per-view and subscription content will compete with both cable and satellite offerings as a low-cost TV alternative for customers. The platform will be introduced as a pre-load on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, computers and televisions.

      FreeCast has already entered talks with major manufacturers and user interface distributors with expectations to be included in the newest product lines this fall. The company has also begun negotiations with market leaders in the hospitality and accommodations industry, including hotel, timeshare and multi-housing developers seeking an alternative for outdated and expensive in-room media systems.

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