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Hughes Acquires Helius To Expand IP Video Base

By | January 7, 2008

      [Satellite News – 1-7-08] Hughes Communications Inc. has agreed to acquire business IPTV solutions provider Helius Inc. for $30.5 million, Hughes announced Jan. 4.
          Hughes and Helius have had an original equipment manufacturing relationship for about two years, which has allowed Hughes to integrate Helius’ IP video solution with Hughes’ managed services. With the acquisition, Hughes plans on expanding how IP video is used in many different environments, including the government, retail, hospitality and petroleum markets, said Doug Medina, senior marketing director at Hughes.
          “These customers are looking for ways to better communicate with their customers as well as their employees, and IP video is a very good way to do that,” Medina said. “One of the big advantages of Helius’ product suite is that it can do many things, [not only] digital signage, but the same platforms can be used to do e-learning and training for business IPTV or corporate communications. We can bring video into multiple sites — corporations, schools, government agencies. It can be downloaded even to a video screen or to a computer. This is one of the unique advantages Helius has. They know how to make IP video play in all these different business environments.”
          The deal, which is scheduled to close Feb. 4, will make Helius a wholly owned subsidiary of Hughes.
          “It’s a great opportunity in the marketplace,” said Jeffrey Curtis, vice president of sales and marketing for Helius. “From Hughes’ perspective, it gives them business applications to extend the HughesNet service offering that they have in the marketplace. For Helius it gives us a chance to gain access to Hughes’worldwide sales channels and distribution channels for products. It allows us to take products to market on a global basis.”
          Curtis said the acquisition also was a strategic move for Helius. “If you take a look at where the market’s going, digital signage is one of the key areas that we play within and the anticipation is that as the market continues to evolve there will be some consolidation in that marketplace,” he said. “To be part of a large organization like Hughes is a real positive thing for Helius.”

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