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Measat Signs South Asia Video Deals

By | October 10, 2007

      [10-10-07 – Satellite Today]  Measat, the satellite operator based out of Malaysia, has signed new agreements, which signal its entrance into the south Asia video distribution markets, the company announced Oct. 10. It said today that Pacific Century Matrix (PCM), a provider of satellite-based television broadcast solutions, has signed agreements to use the Measat-3 satellite for the distribution of Filmazia and Filmax. The two television channels represent the first South Asian channels to be hosted on Measat-3.

      Measat is an emerging satellite operator in Asia. It has three satellites, Measat-1, Measat-2 and Measat-3. The operator’s Measat 1R satellite is also likely to be launched next year. In terms of the deal with PCM, Terry Bleakley, Measat’s VP, sales and marketing, commented, "The expansive coverage offered by Measat-3 has opened up new markets for our customers across Asia, the Middle East, Africa and eastern Europe. We are delighted to serve increasingly culturally-diverse channels on the Measat video neighborhood at 91.5°E.”

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