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Do Stock Options Still Attract the Satellite Industry?

With the stock market reaching new heights, stock options are again in vogue, and may offer a way for satellite and space sector companies to attract and keep valuable employees. However, the burning many option holders experienced during the great recession will likely make employees more discriminating about option grants, under what circumstances to accept […]

By | August 1, 2013

Partner Perspective: Harris CapRock

Harris CapRock builds robust, managed-network solutions for customers that span the energy, government and maritime markets and operate in some of the world’s most remote and harsh environments. As the world’s single largest commercial buyer of space segment, we provide solutions and technologies to compliment satellite communications, but these are not the limit to our products

By iDirect | Jul 31, 2013

Owen D. Kurtin

Can Antares Carve Out a Niche in Launch Market?

This column has previously reported on the in-flux state of the launch service provider sector of the space industry (see “Dollars and Sense,” April 2013), and has covered the progress of new market entrant SpaceX’s Falcon launch vehicles and Dragon payload. This market received another shake up this spring, with the April 21 launch of […]

By | July 1, 2013

Intelsat IPO Unable to Cure Long Term Problems

Intelsat went forward with a long-awaited initial public offering in April dominated by defiant market conditions and challenges arising from the company’s own debt-laden capital structure. The Intelsat IPO went effective on April 18, with the company having reduced the offering price to $18 per common share on an offering of 19.3 million shares – […]

By | June 1, 2013

Owen D. Kurtin

Time to Get Serious About Cybersecurity in Space

This column has previously discussed the hacking threat to U.S. satellites (see, “A New Threat: Satellite Hacking and China’s Role,” Via Satellite, December 2011). At that time we assessed the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission’s draft annual report, which concluded that computer hackers, possibly affiliated with China’s military, had interfered with two U.S. government […]

By | May 1, 2013

Owen D. Kurtin

Satellite Launch Services in Flux

Commercial satellite launch services continue in a state of flux, with new and returning market entrants threatening the already-thin margins of the existing players, a new wave of launch failures roiling the market, and funding of next generation vehicles still in question, while demand appears static in the roughly 20 to 25 heavy commercial satellite […]

By | April 1, 2013

Owen D. Kurtin

Satellite Life Extension: Reaching for the Holy Grail

Satellite life extension continues to hold both revolutionary promise and disruptive menace for the satellite and space industry. The useful lifetime of geosynchronous orbit satellites averages about fifteen years – a limit primarily imposed by the exhaustion of propellant aboard. The propellant is needed for “station-keeping,” which means maintaining the satellite in its orbital slot […]

By | March 1, 2013

Satellite Export Reform Moves Forward

Satellite technology export controls took a long step forward to rationalization as Congress passed, and President Obama signed into law on January 3, the fiscal year 2013 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which returns authority to the President to determine technology export control requirements for commercial satellites and their subsystems. U.S. satellite manufacturers have been […]

By | February 1, 2013

Industrial M&A Recoils: EADS-BAE Talks End

Last month, we discussed the return of industrial M&A in the space sector with the announcement of the acquisition of U.S. satellite manufacturer Space Systems Loral (SS/L) by Canadian manufacturer MDA Corp. The plan this month was to discuss the pending acquisition by EADS, the European consortium and parent company of Astrium, manufacturer of the […]

By | December 1, 2012

Industrial M&A Returns: MDA-SS/L and EADS-BAE

Industrial M&A returned to the space sector over the summer with a vengeance, with the announcement of the acquisition of Palo Alto, California-based satellite manufacturer Space Systems/Loral (SS/L) by Canadian manufacturer MDA Corp. During the summer, news stories also surfaced that EADS, the European consortium and parent company of Astrium, manufacturer of the Ariane launch […]

By | November 1, 2012

Pac-Man Gets Swallowed: DigitalGlobe Acquires GeoEye

On July 23, earth-imaging provider DigitalGlobe Inc. announced that it agreed to acquire competitor GeoEye Inc. for approximately $900 million. GeoEye’s principal shareholder, private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management, agreed to vote its shares in favor of the merger, making it almost certain to close in the absence of regulatory objections, which do not appear […]

By | October 1, 2012

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