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Tom Choi, former CEO and founder of ABS. Photo: ABS.

EXCLUSIVE – Tom Choi: Life after ABS

In this exclusive interview, Via Satellite caught up with Choi to find out his views of recent events, what happens next, and what the future holds for ABS…

By | October 31, 2017

Second Generation ASAT II™ Multiservice VSAT System

Highest efficiency and network utilization with ASAT II™, the industry's first VSAT System with “on-the-fly” waveform switching, allocating bandwidth in real-time from a common bandwidth space segment.

By Advantech Wireless | Oct 30, 2017

3net CEO Tom Cosgrove 2011

3net CEO Tom Cosgrove on the 3D TV Promise - From our Archive

It wasn’t that long ago where many felt 3D TV could give the industry a significant boost. In this interview with 3-Net CEO Tom Cosgrove we discussed the future of 3D television. 3-Net, a joint venture of Discovery Communications, Sony and IMAX Corporation, was optimistic at the time. However, the future for 3D TV would prove to be quite short-lived.

By | October 26, 2017

RSCC Director General Yuri Prokhorov. Photo: RSCC.

RSCC Exec Doubts Success of New Constellations

The Russian Satellite Communications Company (RSCC) celebrates its 50-year anniversary this year in a key landmark for one of the oldest companies in our sector. Via Satellite recently sat down with RSCC Director General Yuri Prokhorov to talk about the company’s 50-year anniversary as well as RSCC’s place in the evolving satellite world.

By | October 23, 2017

Kengi Chen Inmarsat, Kalpak Gude Intelsat, John Lothian SES

That Time When Satellite Operators Joined to Defend Spectrum - From our Archive

In 2007, Intelsat, Inmarsat and SES crafted a unified message that helped preserve C-band spectrum access for the industry. Ten years later, Intelsat and Intel have made waves with a joint FCC proposition that opens the door to sharing C-band spectrum with mobile operators. Looking back to our 2007 SEOTY award winners explains some of the history behind the strong response to the proposal…

By , | October 19, 2017

Mr Peter Pitsch, Executive Director, Communications and Associate General Counsel, Intel Corporation, United States, speaks at the ITU GSR 2010, Dakar.

EXCLUSIVE - Intel Exec: 5G Initiative with Intelsat is a Win-Win

Peter Pitsch, Intel’s executive director of federal relations and associate general counsel, refuses to get in a war of words. The company’s announcement last week, in partnership with Intelsat, about spectrum being used for 5G services has been the talk of our industry — and not in a very positive light. In a previous Via […]

By | October 12, 2017

Andrew Jordan, CEO AsiaSat; Tom Choi, CEO ABS; Rodolphe Belmer, CEO Eutelsat.

“Ludicrous and Ridiculous” – CEOs React to Intelsat’s 5G Proposal

“Simply ludicrous and ridiculous” — Tom Choi, CEO of ABS and one of the most outspoken CEOs in the satellite industry, did not hold back when assessing Intelsat’s announcement last week to join forces with Intel to expand the use of 3700-4200 MHz C-band spectrum to terrestrial mobile services. If the proposal, made in response to […]

By | October 10, 2017


The Struggle for C-Band Has Raged for Years – From our Archive

Intelsat made waves this week with its proposal to jointly use C-band spectrum alongside terrestrial wireless operators. Ten years ago, the issue looked quite different. In this article from our archives, we discussed the issue with execs from Intelsat, SES, AsiaSat, and ABS. The battle over mid-band spectrum has raged for years;  — but is […]

By | October 5, 2017

Greg Wyler

Wyler: OneWeb Ready to Solve the Ultimate Connectivity Problem

As the recent failed merger with Intelsat shows, there are likely to be a few twists and turns as one of the most ambitious satellite projects finds its feet and aims to be a lasting force in the satellite industry…

By | October 3, 2017

Lufthansa IFC

Lufthansa Execs Map Out 2018 Plans for IFC

Lufthansa has long been one of the pioneers in bringing in-flight connectivity (IFC) services to passengers. It was one of the first, if not the first to do so…

By | September 25, 2017

Deutsche Telekom headquarters in Bonn, Germany. Photo: Deutsche Telekom.

Deutsche Telekom Exec on IFC, Partnership with Inmarsat

Deutsche Telekom (DT), one of Europe’s biggest telcos, is taking a unique approach to tackling the In-Flight Connectivity (IFC) market. The company is targeting the lucrative B2B market aggressively. Wth many of their customers frequently travelling, Rolf Nafziger, senior vice president of DT’s international wholesale business unit, told Via Satellite it was “only natural” for […]

By | September 22, 2017

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