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Elon Musk 2009

Elon Musk on the Future of the Launch Industry – From Our Archives

Elon Musk is determined to revolutionize the transportation industry with his ambitious Hyperloop concept, despite public criticism that the idea is unrealistic. He faced a similar challenge when he set out to revolutionize the launch industry with SpaceX. Here, we revisit our interview with Musk…

By | July 27, 2017

5G graphic

Three-Year Dash to 5G takes a Long, Winding (and Familiar) Road

Engineers and executives from major cellular carriers converged in Austin, Texas to engage in passionate exchanges about 5G rollout plans, business opportunities and technical challenges. There’s consensus among this group — 5G isn’t just “another G.” It’s a brand new, automated world of constant connectivity that is experiencing the beginning of a fourth Industrial Revolution.

By | July 24, 2017

CPI GaN BUCs: Years of Experience, Innovation, Reliability

Communications & Power Industries (CPI) has been a leader in the radio frequency field for decades. The company is well known in the satellite industry for both excellent product reliability and technological innovation. In fact, CPI supported some of the very first satellite projects (at that time as part of Varian Associates), and has been going strong ever since.

By CPI | Mar 27, 2017

Globecomm CEO: Company Expanding in Enterprise Software Application, Military Sectors

[Satellite News 04-12-11] Satellite-based managed network service provider Globecomm Systems acquired independent testing and long-term application developer ComSource for $20 million on April 8, continuing Globecomm’s shift from hardware provider to software developer and expanding the company’s multi-vertical market business model, Globecomm CEO David Hershberg told Satellite News.      “We’re in wireless, media, government, maritime […]

By | April 12, 2011

Budget-Conscious U.S. Military Looks to Commercial Bandwidth to Support Future Operations

 In the past, the most coveted and limited military resources were found in the energy sector. The U.S. Department of Defense adjusted its budget and the scale of U.S. military operations according to its available supply. Today, energy concerns have been equaled by satellite bandwidth issues. The proof of this shift can be found in […]

By | March 11, 2011

Satelllite Executive of the Year 2010 The Nominees are…

While not considered a banner year for the satellite communications sector, 2010 was not as down as some might have forecasted. Many executives navigated their companies successfully through a tough economic environment, and the following five nominees stood out. Matt Desch, CEO, Iridium Under CEO Matt Desch, Iridium’s total revenue improved in all four quarters […]

By , , | February 1, 2011

U.S. Congress Approves Five-Year Satellite TV Statutory License Extension

[Satellite TODAY 05-14-10] The U.S. House of Representatives passed the Satellite Television Extension and Localism Act of 2010 (STELA) May 12, renewing laws that govern the retransmission of broadcast television content by satellite companies.     The bill renews for five years statutory licenses that allow satellite TV companies to retransmit broadcast stations to their customers […]

By | May 14, 2010

Intelsat Wins GAO CBSP Decision; Warns Galaxy 15 May Drift into AMC 11 Orbit

[Satellite TODAY 05-12-10] The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) has dismissed protests from Artel, CapRock Communications and Segovia over the U.S. Navy’s Commercial Broadband Satellite Program (CBSP) contract award to Intelsat General earlier this year, Intelsat announced as part of its 2010 first quarter financial results, released May 12.     Intelsat said the company expects […]

By | May 13, 2010

Carrier ID, Training: Key Tools in Solving Interference Issues

By Jeff Hill In an effort to refocus the satellite sector’s approach to managing and prevent RF interference (RFI) and establish the carrier ID concept, SES is adopting training services from Global VSAT Forum (GVF) and engage other operators on a series of specific initiatives. In its basic form, the carrier ID aims to embed […]

By | March 15, 2010

Second-Generation IP Networking Products Focus on Integration

A new wave of second-generation IP networking products has entered the market over the past six months with a focus on integrating multiple features to meet the demands of  unique niche markets. VSAT providers claim there is plenty of room in the market and that they are all enjoying their own share of it.     […]

By | October 12, 2009

Broadband Stimulus: Process Stumbles Out of Blocks – EXTENDED

The timing of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act’s passage in February could not have been better for the satellite industry. After months of panicked discussion among analysts and executives over a devastated economy and which financial institutions would be willing to invest in the next-generation broadband projects — let alone survive the recession — […]

By | October 1, 2009

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