Articles by Giovanni Verlini

Bandwidth Squeeze Puts Onus on Technology Providers for New Solutions

Bandwidth management has become a key issue for operators and customers alike. The question is just how far can the technology go in improving efficiency, and are we about to reach the limits of what can be done technology-wise? Maximizing the finite resource of bandwidth and using it efficiently is a key challenge facing end-users, […]

By | July 1, 2012

Middle East and Africa: Rich Pickings for Satellite Players?

The Middle East and Africa remain fertile grounds for satellite with the demand for capacity significantly increasing. Yet, with fiber rollouts growing, do these markets still represent a golden opportunity for satellite? At a time of gloomy reports from the world’s financial markets, the news that mobile telephony is nearing the end of its worldwide […]

By | November 1, 2011

The Bright Future of Small Satellite Technology

With more and more countries around the world looking to develop a space based capability, but wanting to do it on a budget, it has never been a better time to be a small satellite manufacturer. Here, we look at international developments in the small satellite market, and why countries all the way from Nigeria […]

By | August 1, 2011

Universal Service Funds Look For Right Technology Mix

Market forces alone might not be enough to attain universal service in the broadband era. The satellite sector should endeavor to find its place in the array of technologies supported by mechanisms like the U.S. Universal Service Fund. The average reader surely has heard it and read it several times before, but the refrain on […]

By | June 1, 2011

Next Generation of Satellite: High Capacity, High Potential

High throughput platforms using spot beam technology and frequency re-use have the potential to become engines of growth for the satellite industry, but will require a change to a consumer-focus approach on the part of satellite operators. The growth in end-user applications like DTH, HD content, mobile satellite services and broadband access is fuelling demand […]

By | April 1, 2011

Full Agenda of Spectrum Issues at WRC-12

At the World Radiocommunication Council 2012 (WRC-12), experts will review the allocation of radiofrequency spectrum and orbital resources. A positive outcome for the satellite industry will be crucial to its future.Many satellite players enter 2011 with a sense of optimism, having largely performed well during difficult economic times. However, while an optimistic mood prevails, an […]

By | February 1, 2011

Viewing a Network: Tools for Keeping Tabs from Afar

The satellite sector has spared no efforts to enhance reliability of its services, and advancements in network remote monitoring tools are providing more benefits for operators and service providers. Satellite networks remain viable around the globe for several reasons. From a physical point of view, satellite networks have fewer potential points of failure than their […]

By | November 1, 2010

Space Debris Situation Becomes Critical for Satellite Operators

[Satellite News 10-26-10] The global race to save outer space could lead to sustainable development of space resources. While the very idea of outer space brings to mind concepts such as boundless expanses, immensity and even infinity, it would be a mistake to assume that outer space is an infinite resource. The reality is that […]

By | October 26, 2010

The Underserved of Europe

 A single “last mile” is separating European satellite operators from a broadband consumer market potentially worth millions of customers and dollars. Common wisdom has it that broadband have-nots reside mainly in the developing world. This is, of course, largely true. In its 2009 report “Measuring the Information Society — The ICT Development Index,” the International […]

By | October 1, 2010

Intelligence in the Skies

With the ability to provide signal gain, double-hop elimination, IP multiplexing and mesh networking without a teleport, what impact can on-board processing have on satellite communications? On-board processing has the potential to bring video on-demand, capacity growth and convergence of ground and space networks, thus promising to revolutionize satellite as we know it. But what […]

By | July 1, 2010

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