Linking Winners By Satellite

Harrah’s Creates Customer Excitement by James Careless When it comes to attracting and keeping customers, Harrah’s Entertainment does not rely on casinos disguised as theme parks. Instead, this veteran of the U.S. gambling trade uses a combination of great service, big prizes and customer appreciation programs to keep the highrollers coming back for more. Perhaps […]

By | September 1, 2003

X-band: How Interested Should The Commercial Sector Be?

Supplying a diverse cache of satellite services is currently a major driver among industry executives needing to increase their profit margins. The commercial satellite payload operators catering to global clients are now exploring new opportunities outside of the traditional C- and Ku- and more recently utilized Ka-band spectrums. One band some satellite service providers are […]

By | August 1, 2003

Cover Story: The Teleport Business: Changing The Fundamentals

Digitally-compressed television (DTV) and Internet traffic: together, these two forces are fundamentally reshaping the teleport business. Thankfully, these changes are for the better, as far as teleport operators are concerned. As they adapt to new technologies–becoming as expert in networking as they already are in two-way RF transmissions–the world’s teleport operators are expanding opportunities and […]

By | August 1, 2003

Multimedia Matters: Satellite Broadband For Business–Making Headway

by Douglas Graham In the race for acceptance, digital subscriber lines, frame relay and other wireline technologies have captured the lion’s share of corporate communications spending in the United States. Currently only four percent of that figure is claimed by satellite, although satellite has many advantages. While the Internet has revolutionized business and communications, it […]

By | August 1, 2003

Dollars And Sense: The Space Market Outlook–Commercial Forecasts Still Look Shaky

by Chris Mecray Probably the most interesting incremental data point on the space market in recent weeks was imparted by Boeing’s space business head, Jim Albaugh, speaking to the press at the Paris Air Show this June. Albaugh noted that Boeing is currently seeking additional financial help from the government to offset ongoing losses in […]

By | August 1, 2003

Performance Enhancers: Striving For End-To-End Solutions

By Peter J. Brown There are subtle advances in technology that are often overlooked. As the satellite industry marches on, customers and service providers alike are able to select from a growing list of software tools and solutions that can substantially boost satellite network performance. These software tools have given both the point-to-multipoint and point-to-point […]

By | August 1, 2003

Africa: Pairing Customers With Capabilities

By Peter J. Brown Satellite technology is going to play an essential role on multiple fronts in 21st century Africa. This huge continent has an enormous and growing appetite for satellite and wireless services in general. The regional priorities vary widely across Africa from the standpoint of telecommunications infrastructure and satellite equipment, and service providers […]

By | July 1, 2003

Satellite And Club Med’s Columbus Isle Resort: An Inseparable Combination

When one thinks of Club Med’s Columbus Isle Resort in the Bahamas, the words “satellite lifesaver” do not spring to mind. But they should. Satellite communication is the data lifeline between the 280-room resort and Club Med’s headquarters in Paris, France. The island rests 200 miles southeast of Nassau and is a 1.5-hour flight from […]

By | July 1, 2003


CitiGroup is one U.S. financial services company that found itself enveloped in a business challenge when the corporation brought together banking, insurance and investment entities under one corporation. With such a diverse array of products and a mammoth workforce employing 260,000 individuals who, together on average, manage roughly 200 million customer accounts across six continents […]

By | July 1, 2003

Cover Story: Via satellite’s Global Satellite Survey

Is The Worst Over? Another challenging year has passed for the global commercial satellite industry. The year 2002 echoed much of its predecessor in terms of contracts, launches and substantial business growth. Even now, halfway through 2003, any executive working within the various satellite sectors still fights the uphill battle posed by a stagnant economy. […]

By | July 1, 2003

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