How are satellite-delivered content distribution services offering complete solutions for meeting today’s corporate communication [business TV] needs?

Question and Answer Joe Amor, Microspace Communications Corp. May 27, 2003 How are satellite-delivered content distribution services offering complete solutions for meeting today’s corporate communication [business TV] needs? What is a business solution? A business solution fulfills a need, often to relieve a pain. The conscientious businessperson considers relieving future as well as current pain. […]

By | May 27, 2003

Latin America: Big Challenges For Satellite Operators

Latin America has attracted major investments in the satellite markets throughout the years. The region encompasses South America, Central America, Mexico and all the Caribbean islands. Roughly 531 million people reside in this region. Latin America has the world’s fifth most populated nation, Brazil, and two of the four most populated cities, Mexico City and […]

By | May 1, 2003

Cover Story: Portable Earth Stations: Antennas To Go

In today’s ever-changing world, portable earth stations continue to gain popularity among satellite users. Whether for news crews, emergency aid workers, troops or businesses/institutions needing fast on-the-ground connectivity, portable earth stations are a logical, speedy solution. Not surprisingly, satellite equipment manufacturers are capitalizing on this demand by offering a wealth of innovative, complete portable product […]

By | May 1, 2003

Satellite: The Backbone For The American Red Cross

by James Careless When disaster strikes anywhere in the United States, the American Red Cross (ARC) springs into action. Within hours, its highly-trained professionals arrive on the scene, coordinating rescue operations via telephone with the ARC’s headquarters in Falls Church, VA. Unfortunately, the tens and sometimes hundreds of telephone connections required for each rescue operation […]

By | May 1, 2003

High Tech Hollywood: From Satellite To Movie Screen

If you live in the United States, there is a good chance you bought one of the estimated 1.6 billion movie tickets that were sold here last year. At the same time, it is highly unlikely you were aware of the first Spirit of Fire Film Festival in Siberia in January. After all, Khanty-Mansiysk is […]

By | May 1, 2003

The FY04 Space Budget–Government Space To The Rescue

by Chris Mecray The Bush Administration’s FY04 budget submission, sent to Congress in February, appears to provide for generous funding for ongoing space projects. Though it is more challenging to discern administration priorities in space programs versus, say, fighter aircraft, we see a generally robust level of support for key projects, as recommended in the […]

By | April 1, 2003

Bearish On Multimedia

by Douglas Graham Satellite broadband and multimedia have been a tough sell on Wall Street, yet the resistance to the technology among the moneypeople seems questionable given satellite’s tremendous potential. Even the sourest skeptics acknowledge its possibilities. Cable and DSL are not available in many of the world’s most remote regions, and for the people […]

By | April 1, 2003

Disaster Recovery: A Blueprint For Better Response

By Peter J. Brown Recovery. Restoration. Continuity. These are not new buzzwords. They have taken on new meaning, however, as a result of the intensified planning and preparation underway throughout the past year. This effort is intended to yield quicker and more effective responses across the board to large-scale disasters, natural and otherwise. The satellite […]

By | March 1, 2003

Living In Extremes: Remote Satellite Ground Stations

By James Careless They are the "ends of the earth" as far as the satellite ground station business is concerned: those regional outposts in remote, often extreme conditions. Yet these outposts are as vital to the people they serve as light, heat and water. Here is a look at some of the toughest ground station […]

By | March 1, 2003

Via Satellite’s Satellite Executive Of The Year 2002: An Interview With Hugh Panero

Innovation fueled by pure entrepreneurial fervor. Those two elements have literally created a new market segment for the commercial satellite industry. And now that it is here, hundreds of thousands of subscribers often wonder how they lived without it for so long. Amazing. Even more amazing is that this introduction occurred during one of the […]

By | March 1, 2003

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