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Delta-V Australia startup

New Space Accelerator Seeking to Jumpstart Australian Space Industry

[Via Satellite 08-26-2014] Delta-V, a new space industry accelerator, hopes to create a $1 billion commercial space industry in Australia. Ranked by the World Bank as a high-income country with a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of $1.561 trillion in 2013, Australia has high potential to be one of the world’s next satellite industry hubs. Delta-V [...]

By | August 27, 2014

SpaceX Falcon 9

SpaceX Delays AsiaSat 6 Launch

[Via Satellite 08-27-2014] SpaceX has decided to reschedule the launch of AsiaSat 6, previously slated for today, in order to review all potential failure modes and contingencies. The company expects the inspection will take one to two weeks to complete. Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, said that while the most likely outcome is no change, [...]

By | August 27, 2014

Galileo ESA Soyuz

ESA Seeking to Make Best Use of Mislocated Galileo Satellites

[Via Satellite 08-27-2014] The European Space Agency (ESA), having established control of the latest two Galileo satellites launched Aug. 22 by an Arianespace Soyuz rocket into an unintended orbit, is preparing to continue using the satellites. Intended for a circular Medium Earth Orbit (MEO), the satellites experienced a launch anomaly placing them in an elliptical orbit [...]

By | August 27, 2014

DigitalGlobe WorldView 3 Exelis

DigitalGlobe Unveils First WorldView 3 Images

[Via Satellite 08-27-2014] DigitalGlobe has released the first images from its high-resolution satellite WorldView 3, launched on Aug. 13 aboard a United Launch Alliance (ULA) Atlas 5 rocket. The satellite carries an Exelis super-spectral imaging system comprised of a sensor, a telescope and a Shortwave Infrared System (SWIR), which enables observations through interference such as [...]

By | August 27, 2014


Iridium ‘Operationally Ready’ for Iridium NEXT Constellation

[Via Satellite 08-27-2014] Iridium has completed its Launch and Early Operations (LEOP) control center for Iridium NEXT. Located next to the Iridium Mission Control Center, the LEOP facility will be used to manage the NEXT constellation, test on-orbit functionality, and maneuver and monitor satellites as they are transferred into the mission constellation. Iridium also completed [...]

By | August 27, 2014

ViaSat Books More than 3000 L-band Terminal Orders

[Via Satellite 08-27-2014] ViaSat reports it has received 3,150 orders for fixed-site Machine to Machine (M2M) and airborne terminals for its upcoming L-band network. The company is also selling vehicular, maritime and asset tracking terminals in advance of the network. ViaSat announced its new L-band network in May 2014, predicated on agreements reached with LightSquared [...]

By | August 27, 2014

Aeromexico Gogo 2Ku

Gogo Signs First 2Ku IFC Customer

[Via Satellite 08-26-2014] Global Mexican airline Aeromexico has signed a definitive agreement with Gogo for the company’s new 2Ku In Flight Connectivity (IFC) solution. The new agreement solidifies discussions from December 2013, where the principal terms and conditions were established. Gogo will connected a minimum of 20 of Aeromexico’s Boeing 737 aircraft and will provide IFC for at [...]

By | August 26, 2014

Lockheed Martin Fence SSA

Lockheed Martin, Electro Optics Systems to Build Space Debris Observatory

[Via Satellite 08-26-2014] Lockheed Martin and Electro Optics Systems have agreed to build a space object tracking facility in Western Australia. Through the use of both lasers and sensitive, telescope-like optical systems, the companies plan to use the site for a combination of government and commercial customers. Lockheed Martin anticipates electro-optical technologies will effectively complement [...]

By | August 26, 2014

Comtech EF Data

Comtech Considering Sale or Merger Opportunities

[Via Satellite 08-26-2014] Comtech Telecommunications Corporation has confirmed rumors that it is considering a possible merger or sale in order to increase shareholder value. The company reports that there is no definitive timetable for completing this evaluation, nor will it disclose any further information except if required by law. Comtech has seen declining revenue in [...]

By | August 26, 2014

UKube 1 ClydeSpace

Communications Anomaly Hampers UK SmallSat

[Via Satellite 08-26-2014] The United Kingdom Space Agency’s first CubeSat mission, UKube 1, is experiencing an anomaly with its primary communications link. The agency reports that while the satellite is healthy and its attitude has been stabilized, the anomaly is preventing normal operations for payload commissioning. Launched in July, the satellite hosts payloads developed by [...]

By | August 26, 2014

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