European Telcos Begin To Put More Pressure On Satellite

Satellite pay-TV operators throughout Europe are facing more competition in the digital TV space. As well as competing against revitalized cable operators who are beginning to offer services such as video on demand, the competition from Internet Protocol (IP) TV also is increasing. While the cable threat has existed for years, the emergence of telcos […]

By | May 1, 2006

GSM And Cellular Backhaul: Expanding Networks And Services

GSM and cellular operators require reliable equipment, service level agreements and the ability to use satellite bandwidth most efficiently. For satellite service providers and equipment manufacturers, there are new advancements in providing bandwidth and integration cost reductions, enabling cellular and GSM providers to expand their offerings. In addition, regions that lack terrestrial or microwave infrastructures […]

By | May 1, 2006

Global Regulations: European Winners In The Digital Transition

By Gerry Oberst Participants discussed who would be the winners and losers in the switch from analog to digital television at the "European Switchover Strategies 2006" conference in Brussels in March. The challenges of shifting a large part of the European population from traditional analog over-the-air television to new digital formats was a major focus […]

By | May 1, 2006

Ka-Band Payloads Proliferate As Business Models Fall In Place

By Peter J. Brown Robust, appealing and affordable Ka-band solutions are attracting new customers thanks to a growing menu of services. Applications ranging from enterprise and government high- speed data services to consumer two-way broadband and high-definition TV (HDTV) are being provided via an increasing number of Ka-band payloads, with operators in Japan and North […]

By | May 1, 2006

HDTV Content Options In United States Growing

High-definition (HD) TV has more than proven itself technologically, and according to industry analyst reports, HDTV will be in 52 million households by 2009, up from the current 4 million households. Northern Sky Research estimates that 500 channels will be broadcast in HD by 2010. One of the few things hampering HDTV growth at the […]

By | April 17, 2006

Turksat Benefiting From Government Satellite Plans

Turksat CEO Osman Dur believes satellite communications will play a vital role on the Turkish communications landscape, and the government-owned operator is involved in many projects to bring higher quality of services to the citizens of Turkey. Turksat, which recently ordered its new Turksat 3A satellite, "has acquired many e-government projects assigned by the Turkish […]

By | April 10, 2006

Wildblue Now Offering Free Installation Except in Midwest

Wildblue Communications Inc. will offer free installation for its high-speed Internet via satellite service — except in the U.S. Midwest, where company subscriber numbers are doing quite well, Wildblue announced. The free installation offer is a continuation of Wildblue’s efforts to push satellite broadband out to rural and remote customers now, before terrestrial alternatives enter […]

By | April 3, 2006

Hispasat President Buoyed By Strong Amazonas Performance

Spanish satellite operator Hispasat is targeting a strong performance in Latin America throughout the coming years, encouraged by the strong early performance of its Amazonas satellite. The spacecraft, the cornerstone of Hispasat’s geographic expansion into Latin America, has a capacity equivalent to 63, 36 megahertz transponders operating in the Ku- band and C-band frequencies has […]

By | April 3, 2006

Latin America: Near Term Business Trends And Developments

By James Careless Talk to many satellite operators in Latin America, and they will tell you the same thing: The Latin American market is not for the faint of heart. The combination of uncertain ‘roller coaster’ economies, political volatility and the continuing habit of incoming Latin American regimes to rewrite telecom rules as they see […]

By | April 1, 2006

Global Regulations: Indian Satellite Broadcasting

By Gerry Oberst Combining one of the world’s largest untapped markets for satellite broadcasting with national instincts for bureaucracy and home-grown solutions, the Indian direct-to-home (DTH) market presents both a challenge and an opportunity. Throughout the last year, the churn in regulatory approaches shows an unsettled situation that is hard to read. Figures from the […]

By | April 1, 2006

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