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Executive Q&A: ManSat CEO: Role Of Business Service Companies Growing In Industry

With the recent consolidation of some of the largest players in the Fixed Satellite Services sector, spectrum allocation shifts favoring terrestrial buildouts in the mobile services arena; and with the ever-growing importance of hardware and launch insurance, companies such as ManSat LLC are playing an increasingly pivotal role in shaping the global satellite communications landscape. […]

By | July 10, 2006

SOTM: Satellite Links In Motion

Ongoing military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq are putting more emphasis on the need for reliable, robust and bandwidth-rich satcom-on-the-move (SOTM) solutions. The U.S. military and Allied Forces relies primarily on small portable, fixed VSAT terminals which can be deployed rapidly, as existing SOTM programs are limited in number and in scope. Among other things, […]

By | July 1, 2006

Relief Organization Adopts Satellite Imagery For Planning Missions In Developing Countries

Healing Hands International (HHI), a non-profit humanitarian organization, plans to use satellite imagery from Digitalglobe for planning and visualization efforts surrounding agricultural development and disaster relief missions in Africa and Central America, Digitalglobe announced June 14. HHI, which provides sustainability education and training to third-world countries, is working with the Native Communities Development Corp. (NCDC), […]

By | June 19, 2006

Satellite Operators Embracing Interactive Advertising

Satellite operators are leading the charge in the Interactive TV Advertising arena, according to top executives from direct-to-home operators BSkyB and Multichoice. The companies are being very progressive, providing strong platforms for advertisers to exploit, the executives said during the Interactive TV Advertising show, held in London May 23. BSkyB Sky Media, which has more […]

By | May 29, 2006

GSM And Cellular Backhaul: Expanding Networks And Services

GSM and cellular operators require reliable equipment, service level agreements and the ability to use satellite bandwidth most efficiently. For satellite service providers and equipment manufacturers, there are new advancements in providing bandwidth and integration cost reductions, enabling cellular and GSM providers to expand their offerings. In addition, regions that lack terrestrial or microwave infrastructures […]

By | May 1, 2006

AngloGold Ashanti Ltd: Eliminating The Digital Divide And Reducing Overhead Costs With Satellite

When a corporation has production information that must be transmitted from remote sites in the field to its headquarters in an area lacking a traditional communications infrastructure, IT network managers face many challenges for overcoming such a daunting task. Add in client communication needs and information transfers that must remain secure from the developing world […]

By | March 1, 2006

VSAT Systems: Implementing The Right System For Business Growth

Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) communications systems are cost-saving additions to most enterprise businesses. Throughout recent years, communication systems via satellite have come down in price. But size of network build out, future expansion and applications that will be transmitted all play a role in the final price, return and network structure chosen. Years ago, […]

By | February 15, 2006

Satellite Access In Africa

It now is widely recognized that access to information and knowledge through affordable communications provides a significant opportunity for social and economic development, regional cooperation and integration, and increased participation in the emerging global information society. Addressing deficiencies in access to low-cost communication services now is regarded as an imperative for improving the quality of […]

By , , | February 15, 2006

Proven Solutions: African Services Grow With Satellite

For government operations, satellite technology has empowered local and multinational African organizations to establish a significant foothold in today’s communication’s arena. Moving forward, expanding applications will predominantly drive Africa’s satellite-enabled businesses. Today, falling prices for equipment and bandwidth have lead to greater penetration in the large, medium and small office/home office market segments. In turn, […]

By | February 15, 2006

Synergy Between Cost And Implementation Is Needed

If money were no object, Africa would be among the world’s hottest satellite services markets. With the exception of some major cities, the continent’s terrestrial communications infrastructure is not as advanced as it needs to be. Even though a number of international fiber optic cables do make landfall on Africa’s shores, few are actually connected […]

By | February 15, 2006

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