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Executive Q&A: ManSat CEO: Role Of Business Service Companies Growing In Industry

With the recent consolidation of some of the largest players in the Fixed Satellite Services sector, spectrum allocation shifts favoring terrestrial buildouts in the mobile services arena; and with the ever-growing importance of hardware and launch insurance, companies such as ManSat LLC are playing an increasingly pivotal role in shaping the global satellite communications landscape. […]

By | July 10, 2006

Latin American Market Uncertain Despite Satmex Satellite Launch

The launch of Satmex 6 on an Ariane 5 ECA May 27 was the best news Satelites Mexicanos S.A. de C.V. (Satmex) and the Latin American region has received for some time. But in the near term, the Latin American market will face more challenges before it becomes robust enough for sustained growth. Analysts at […]

By | July 1, 2006

Relief Organization Adopts Satellite Imagery For Planning Missions In Developing Countries

Healing Hands International (HHI), a non-profit humanitarian organization, plans to use satellite imagery from Digitalglobe for planning and visualization efforts surrounding agricultural development and disaster relief missions in Africa and Central America, Digitalglobe announced June 14. HHI, which provides sustainability education and training to third-world countries, is working with the Native Communities Development Corp. (NCDC), […]

By | June 19, 2006

Hispasat President Buoyed By Strong Amazonas Performance

Spanish satellite operator Hispasat is targeting a strong performance in Latin America throughout the coming years, encouraged by the strong early performance of its Amazonas satellite. The spacecraft, the cornerstone of Hispasat’s geographic expansion into Latin America, has a capacity equivalent to 63, 36 megahertz transponders operating in the Ku- band and C-band frequencies has […]

By | April 3, 2006

Latin America: Near Term Business Trends And Developments

By James Careless Talk to many satellite operators in Latin America, and they will tell you the same thing: The Latin American market is not for the faint of heart. The combination of uncertain ‘roller coaster’ economies, political volatility and the continuing habit of incoming Latin American regimes to rewrite telecom rules as they see […]

By | April 1, 2006

Banamex: Delivering Training And messages Via Satellite

Banamex executives at the Mexico subsidiary of Citibank wanted to provide better services to its employees and customers. Connecting 1,300 branches across Mexico in a cost-effective manner, however, was a challenge for directors seeking a seamless connection for distributing a diverse array of information throughout the bank’s branches. Once the decision was made to incorporate […]

By | September 1, 2005

Latin America: The Business Trends And Business Developments

By Julie Blondeau Samuel In 2004, the Latin American economy began to take an upward turn as its gross domestic product (GDP) increased 5.5 percent from the previous year, reaching $1.871 billion, and inflation rates dropped to 7.7 percent. Experts expect this recovery trend to continue through 2005 with a growth of 4 percent in […]

By | September 1, 2005

Latin America: Is It Safe To Get Back In The Water?

Three words seem to sum up the Latin American economy: boom and bust. In the early 1990s, this region was a prime destination for satellite service providers. Then, economic and political chaos struck and the once hot market quickly turned into a financial funeral pyre for international investors. Consider the experience of Microspace Communications Corp., […]

By | June 1, 2004

Satellite And Club Med’s Columbus Isle Resort: An Inseparable Combination

When one thinks of Club Med’s Columbus Isle Resort in the Bahamas, the words “satellite lifesaver” do not spring to mind. But they should. Satellite communication is the data lifeline between the 280-room resort and Club Med’s headquarters in Paris, France. The island rests 200 miles southeast of Nassau and is a 1.5-hour flight from […]

By | July 1, 2003

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