EU Broadcasting: Regional Populations Creating Demand

By Jason Bates As technology makes the world smaller, expatriate populations are finding it easier to maintain links with their home countries. Large concentrations of immigrants and first- and second-generation citizens that have developed in countries around the world are driving a market for moving so-called ethnic content from one part of the globe to […]

By | September 1, 2005

Regulatory Review: U.K. Satellite Filings

By Gerry Oberst The U.K. Office of Communications, known as Ofcom, conducted a speedy consultation in February and March this year to examine its procedures for submitting satellite filings to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). Few countries have publicly discussed these procedures, and the Ofcom consultation drew much attention from satellite operators seeking to ensure […]

By | May 2, 2005

European Broadcasting: The Changing Of Its Content And Reach

By Mark Holmes The European broadcasting landscape continues to change, pushing out of its traditional boundaries. From the exporting of content throughout the world to advancements in HDTV (High-definition TV), satellite operators have the opportunity to lead the way in terms of distributing European content farther than it ever has before, with lucrative returns for […]

By | March 1, 2005

Russia: Deploying Satellite Applications, Gaining Market Strength

With the expansion of the European Union, the makeup of the Eastern European satellite market has changed. Today, when people speak of this market, they are referring to Russia and its former Soviet republics; members of the former Yugoslavia as well as Albania, Bulgaria and Romania. And even though familiar economic challenges remain, this Eastern […]

By | October 4, 2004

European Broadcasting: Satellite Players Ready For A New Era

By Mark Holmes The European broadcasting marketplace is entering a new and particularly vibrant phase. All the talk is centered around technologies such as HDTV (High-Definition TV) and new consumer electronics devices such as PVRs (Personal Video Recorders). In these areas, things are already happening in Europe. Satellite pay-TV operators such as BSkyB in the […]

By | September 1, 2004

Adopting Successful Business Models

Even though digital signage has been a successful tool for many enterprises, it has not caught on in North America as it has in other parts of the world. In our March issue of Satellite Business Solutions we reported, in part, that point-of-purchase spending is estimated at more than $1 billion and that in-store screens […]

By | September 1, 2004

Russia: Doing Business With The Bear

By James Careless Back in the 1980s, Russia was the next big opportunity for Western satellite equipment manufacturers. Despite being the world’s largest country and the first nation in space, Russia’s satellite infrastructure is extremely meager. "Even as recently as two years ago, there were only 1,800 to 2,500 VSAT earth stations in all of […]

By | December 1, 2003

Europe And SNG: What Broadcasters Need And What SNG Providers Are Offering

Like their North American counterparts, European satellite news gathering (SNG) crews are furiously busy these days. Whether it is covering breaking news such as the recent Iraq War, political events across the evolving European Union (EU), or just sports and entertainment anywhere, these news deliverers are working around the clock, in some instances, to send […]

By | September 1, 2003

European Broadcasters: New Opportunities Emerge

By Mark Holmes Industry executives increasing their portfolios with Euros and British Pounds witnessed dramatic changes in the European broadcasting arena, a phenomenon that may result in major ramifications for satellite businesses. Consolidation, interactive applications and financial upheaval surfaced, and all eyes are now following the changing programming landscape as it continues to evolve in […]

By | September 1, 2003

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