Regulatory Review: Data Retention In Europe

By Gerry Oberst In the last days of December, the European Union was poised to adopt rules on data traffic retention that telecommunications providers must save for law enforcement purposes – rules that could cost some satellite operators and service providers very substantial amounts of time and money. Remarkably, for a continent that highlights its […]

By | February 1, 2006

Eutelsat In No Hurry To Join FSS Consolidation Wave

Eutelsat ended 2005 in hectic fashion, closing the saga of its efforts to go public with a successful initial public offering (IPO) Dec. 2 after an earlier false start. With Eutelsat now a publicly traded entity, it becomes the next focus of the consolidation efforts that have started in the Fixed Satellite Services industry, said […]

By | January 30, 2006

Regulatory Review: Russia’s Opportunities For Satellite Service

By Gerry Oberst With its enormous landmass and advanced space program, the Russian Federation might be expected to have a thriving satellite communications market. But a high-level meeting took place in Moscow in early November to explore why Russia, in fact, does not rely more on satellite networks to meet the country’s communications needs. The […]

By | January 2, 2006

Europe’s Broadcast Rule in Play

By Gerry Oberst We wrote in our September column about efforts in Europe to reshape media rules and the various ways these efforts could affect the satellite industry. As we noted, the European Commission had released a series of issues papers on possible changes to the Television Without Frontiers legislative framework and invited comments. Comments […]

By | November 1, 2005

Expanded Europe: New Freedom; New Satellite Opportunities

By Jason Bates After spending much of the 20th century behind the Iron Curtain, many Central and Eastern European countries are embracing their relatively new economic and political freedoms and joining Western European counterparts in their desire for advanced communications and technology. The countries of Central and Eastern Europe are prime targets for expanding commercial […]

By | November 1, 2005

Russia Embraces Satellite Slowly, Cautiously

by James Careless Carefully, cautiously, Russia is embracing satellite services. Look across the nation and you will see earth stations connecting oil and gas exploration sites, banks, government offices, schools and even lottery terminals. Following 70 years of regulation-based Soviet rule, the world’s largest nation was left with a weakened economy with no real credit […]

By | November 1, 2005

EU Broadcasting: Regional Populations Creating Demand

By Jason Bates As technology makes the world smaller, expatriate populations are finding it easier to maintain links with their home countries. Large concentrations of immigrants and first- and second-generation citizens that have developed in countries around the world are driving a market for moving so-called ethnic content from one part of the globe to […]

By | September 1, 2005

Regulatory Review: U.K. Satellite Filings

By Gerry Oberst The U.K. Office of Communications, known as Ofcom, conducted a speedy consultation in February and March this year to examine its procedures for submitting satellite filings to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). Few countries have publicly discussed these procedures, and the Ofcom consultation drew much attention from satellite operators seeking to ensure […]

By | May 2, 2005

European Broadcasting: The Changing Of Its Content And Reach

By Mark Holmes The European broadcasting landscape continues to change, pushing out of its traditional boundaries. From the exporting of content throughout the world to advancements in HDTV (High-definition TV), satellite operators have the opportunity to lead the way in terms of distributing European content farther than it ever has before, with lucrative returns for […]

By | March 1, 2005

Russia: Deploying Satellite Applications, Gaining Market Strength

With the expansion of the European Union, the makeup of the Eastern European satellite market has changed. Today, when people speak of this market, they are referring to Russia and its former Soviet republics; members of the former Yugoslavia as well as Albania, Bulgaria and Romania. And even though familiar economic challenges remain, this Eastern […]

By | October 4, 2004

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