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CEOs See Long-Term Growth Across Various Sectors

Satellite executive leaders from a wide range of sectors gathered for the Satellite Finance Forum 2011 CEO roundtable to discuss common challenges faced throughout the industry and what to expect in the coming months.     Futron Technical Director Andrea Maléter opened the forum by asking panel members about how financing was achieved this year compared […]

By | March 16, 2011

Satellite Industry Sees Terrestrial Giants Looming Larger

The satellite sector continues to enhance its offerings in order to both protect its traditional business strongholds and develop new revenue streams. To accomplish this, the satellite sector has improved its technology for delivering signals, but the problem seems to be that no matter how quickly they make advances, they are finding it difficult to […]

By | March 15, 2011

Satellite Sector on Track to Produce Banner Years

There is a great deal of excitement in the satellite sector, set-up by a series of large satellite orders, launch contracts, financing deals and acquisitions that have taken place during the past 12 months.     “Significant 2010 events include the take-off of the Latin American market, the successful launch of Ka-Sat, introduction of 3-D, the […]

By | March 15, 2011

Horowitz Notes New Media World Will Force Industry Change

Edward Horowitz, Director, U.S. Space, LLC says the satellite sector must adapt to the changing needs of Generation X and Generation Y if it is to stay relevant.    In a luncheon speech at the SATELLITE 2011 Pre-Conference,  Horowitz discussed the changes of the last 10 years and offered his views for the next 20 […]

By | March 15, 2011

Lack of RF Knowledge Hampering Satellite Industry

Issues such as a lack of skilled RF engineers, interference as well as better network management tools were key topics discussed at the CTO technology breakfast at SATELLITE 2011. With many networks moving towards IP, the lack of RF knowledge among skilled engineers appears to be hampering the satellite industry.     “There seems to be […]

By | March 15, 2011

Investment Bankers See Healthy Long-Term Financing Environment for Satellite

Industry lawyers and bankers compared notes on the satellite sector’s 2010 performance during Monday’s “Financial State of the Industry — Market Trends and Observations” session at SATELLITE 2011, coming to a positive consensus that the industry has returned to a state of financial normalcy.     Futron COO Peggy Slye, who moderated the panel, opened the […]

By | March 15, 2011

Military Bandwidth Migration Path Leads to Ka-, X-band Satellite Offerings

Two years ago, the major challenge for U.S. military bandwidth providers in the commercial sector was persuading high-ranking Pentagon officials to accept the fiscal reality of commercial bandwidth reliance. Now, commercial providers and their bandwidth-starved military customers find themselves working together to make the same argument to Congress. This new environment, created by the global […]

By | March 14, 2011

Investors Still Find Safety in Satellite Beginning to Look for Growth Opportunities

The satellite industry remains popular among technology/media analysts at investment banks, and satellite stocks in Europe and North America remain popular with analysts.     Chris Quilty, a satellite equity analyst at Raymond James, believes that the overall satellite industry held up well. The satellite industry performed well in 2010, experiencing only marginal impact from the […]

By | March 14, 2011

SATELLITE 2011: Where Will Satellite Be in 30 Years

The pre-day schedule will look at some of the future’s most pressing issues, beginning with the return of the must-attend Satellite Finance Forum. Satellite sector analysts and experts from throughout the financial sector will look at current economic issues and their potential impact on satellite companies and their markets.     The Satellite Finance Forum begins […]

By | March 14, 2011

Budget-Conscious U.S. Military Looks to Commercial Bandwidth to Support Future Operations

 In the past, the most coveted and limited military resources were found in the energy sector. The U.S. Department of Defense adjusted its budget and the scale of U.S. military operations according to its available supply. Today, energy concerns have been equaled by satellite bandwidth issues. The proof of this shift can be found in […]

By | March 11, 2011

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