Eutelsat Africa Pay-TV

Eutelsat Gains Multi-Year Africa Pay-TV Customer

[Via Satellite 03-30-2015] Strong Media SAL-Off-Shore (SMO), a digital television receiver equipment specialist, has entered a new multi-year agreement with Eutelsat to launch pay-TV services in Sub-Saharan Africa. The company leased capacity on the Eutelsat 16A satellite in order to launch a variety of channels in English, French and Arabic. SMO owns operations for distribution, [...]

By | March 30, 2015

RR Play RR Media

RR Media Exec: Russia’s Economic Crisis Not Stalling Digital Media Evolution

[Via Satellite 03-27-2015] RR Media launched a new office in Russia approximately 18 months ago, comfortably ahead of the nation’s recent economic downturn. The sliding ruble has strained markets, but RR Media executives say the trend toward higher quality video and broadcast capability continues to remain strong in the country. “It is very strange. The [...]

By | March 27, 2015

RR Media Digital

RR Media Boasts End-to-End 4K Capabilities

[Via Satellite 03-25-2015] RR Media has expanded its 4K capabilities to cover the complete content lifecycle from creation all the way to consumption. The company will cover the full gamut of services including preparation, creation of content and optimizing delivery. RR Media currently distributes 4K channels for France TV and the Explorer Network using its [...]

By | March 25, 2015

Skype Inmarsat Quicklink

Quicklink Skype Solution Approved on Inmarsat Network

[Via Satellite 03-23-2015] Inmarsat has certified and approved Quicklink Video Distribution Services’ solution for converting Skype calls into a professional quality video/audio signal, Quicklink TX. Through Inmarsat’s Certified Applications Program (CAP), the solution is now permitted to run over the company’s Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN). Quicklink TX is a fully integrated hardware and software solution [...]

By | March 23, 2015

MTN Spark Maratime Cruise TV Cellular

MTN Unveils High-Definition TV for the Maritime Market

[Via Satellite 3-17-2015] MTN Communications announced the launch of its High-Definition (HD) live television service at sea, MTN Worldwide TV HD (MTN-TV HD). This service launch starts with IMG’s Sport 24 Channel in HD. The first-ever 24/7 sports channel designed for the maritime market, it is the most watched sports channel onboard MTN-TV customer vessels. [...]

By | March 17, 2015


Intelsat and Azercosmos Play Up Strengths in New Partnership

[Via Satellite 03-13-2015] Intelsat and Azercosmos, the national satellite operator of Azerbaijan, have teamed to deliver a new telecommunications satellite at 45 degrees east. With both companies bringing resources to the mix for the design, manufacture and operational phases of development for the Azerspace 2/Intelsat 38 satellite, the two operators — one a veteran and [...]

By | March 13, 2015

SES NSS 6 satellite’s ku-band spot beam over the Middle East

SkyStream Ups Capacity on SES to Serve Middle East Oil and Gas Customers

[Via Satellite 03-12-2015] SkyStream has renewed capacity on SES‘s NSS 6 satellite and has taken on additional capacity on SES’s NSS 12 satellite to deploy VSAT networks across the Middle East. SkyStream will use the Ku-band capacity on NSS 6 at 95 degrees east and NSS 12 at 57 degrees east to serve the maritime [...]

By | March 12, 2015

President Kikwete of Tanzania (right) being interviewed by AzamTV’s Tido Mhando

Azam Media Inks Additional Capacity Deal with Eutelsat

[Via Satellite 03-10-2015] Azam Media signed a new deal with Eutelsat for capacity on the Eutelsat 7B satellite to continue growing its new pay-TV platform AzamTV. The platform carries 55 channels, providing television content to 200,000 subscribers across Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania, where Azam Media owner Bakhresa Group is based. AzamTV launched 18 months ago [...]

By | March 10, 2015

Russian Express AM5 satellite rendering

Hughes Jupiter Offers Satellite Broadband Over Siberia and the Far East

[Via Satellite 03-10-2015] Russian integrator Ka-Internet has delivered a Hughes Jupiter System to the Russian Satellite Communication Company (RSCC). RSCC will use the system as its platform for high-performance satellite broadband services in Siberia and the Far East. Ka-Internet installed a Jupiter Gateway at the Russian operator’s Satellite Communications Center (SCC) in Khabarovsk, and a [...]

By | March 10, 2015

Sami Boustany Yahlive

YahLive Survey Reveals Farsi-Speaking Viewers TV Habits

[Via Satellite 03-10-2015] UAE-based satellite broadcasting company YahLive’s latest survey has revealed the viewing habits of the Farsi speaking community. Global market research company IPSOS conducted the survey, which consisted of several thousand interviews in Farsi. The survey found that content from YahLive, which services markets in the Middle East, North Africa, Southwest Asia and [...]

By | March 10, 2015

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