Maritime Satcom Forum: Cruising the Sea, Surfing the Web

Date of Event:
March 10th, 2014

Run Time:
16:15 - 17:30

Room Number:

Maritime Satcom Forum Presented by GVF

As the shipboard passenger requirement increases, this session will investigate how the cruise industry's communications needs are being met by the satellite sector. Against the backdrop of satellite industry innovations which have expanded the ability to connect virtually every ocean region whilst simultaneously improving operational efficiencies, safety, and crew morale and welfare, we ask a number of key questions: • How is the satellite sector responding to enable connectivity of every device and data source on a ship to a single network? • With the IP revolution driving an explosion of new products and services, what is the satellite sector doing to meet dramatically increasing demands on maritime communication networks. The session will cover opinion on where cruise ship communications market demand is going with details on the key current drivers. Additionally, discussion will focus around new technologies on the horizon, considering whether networks should use open or closed/proprietary systems, and the importance of hybrid networks that also use GSM, WiMAX, or Small Cells. Ultimately, we ask how satellite-based communications systems have evolved to meet the growing needs of the cruise ship segment? Sponsored by Intellian Technologies

Captain Kuba Szymanski

Secretary General

BT Shyamakrishnan

Senior Director, Business Development

Olivier Risse

Business Development Director

Guy Sear

Head of Business Development, Maritime

Rick Simonian

President, Maritime Solutions

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