IP Networking Over Satellite – Performance and Efficiency

Date of Event:
March 10th, 2014

Run Time:
8:30 - 17:30

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Military, government and commercial enterprises use Internet Protocols (IP) over satellite to support mission-critical applications. These applications provide timely, reliable and secure information to users in remote locations. This seminar focuses on efficiency of IP-based satellite networks. The techniques discussed in this seminar will help you minimize the cost of expensive space spectrum to support the data rates necessary to meet the performance requirements of converged voice, video and data applications over satellite. One technique is to minimize traffic loads by compressing voice traffic, data traffic and IP protocol overheads and impairments. Another approach is to employ Quality of Service (QoS) mechanisms and traffic engineering to ensure that critical data can meet performance requirements when networks are congested. TDM and TDMA DAMA satellite terminals enable the use of statistical multiplexing to maximize the information bits transported per unit of space segment. Advanced modulation and coding (modcod) techniques provide more bits per second per unit of spectrum. Adaptive coding and modulation increases throughput in clear sky conditions and enables more efficient use of the higher frequency bands which are susceptible to rain-fade. High throughput satellites, where available, significantly reduce the cost of space segment by use of high power, focused spot beams which support higher modcods. The seminar will conclude with a detailed case history that shows how to use the concepts described above to field converged IP data networks to meet performance requirements while optimizing the use of satellite resources.

Burt Liebowitz

Principal Network Engineer

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