Hosted Payload Forum: Leveraging the Commercial Space Sector for Enhanced Affordability and Resilience

Date of Event:
March 10th, 2014

Run Time:
9:00 - 10:15

Room Number:

Hosted Payload Forum

A sequence of federal fiscal crises has made this a challenging period for leading change in U.S. Government space sector business practices. Nevertheless, NASA and the Department of Defense have begun to look toward the commercial space sector for more cost effective space solutions. This panel of government experts will discuss plans and processes their departments and agencies have for • Exploring inventive, nontraditional arrangements for acquiring commercial space goods and services to meet United States Government requirements, • Employing measures such as public-private partnerships and hosting government capabilities on commercial spacecraft, • Purchasing operational data products from commercial satellite operators in support of government missions • Expanding mission architectures to include commercially hosted capabilities. As part of this discussion, panelists will explain the challenge their departments and agencies have faced and the mitigation strategies they are leading to adapt existing acquisition practices to expand the scope of goods and services they are purchasing from the commercial sector and how they are adjusting their cost analysis and evaluation processes to account for commercial pricing and business tempo.

Kay Sears


Cristina Chaplain


Charles Beames, SES

Principle Director, DASD (Space & Intelligence)

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