2015 Excellence Awards


25070_Via Satellite Awards logo 2015 UpdateVia Satellite’s 2015 Excellence Awards salute the companies, technologies, campaigns and innovative people who’ve helped shape the success of the global satellite industry.

Our 2015 Excellence Award Recipients are the most outstanding people and technologies in satellite and set a benchmark for what can be accomplished in this market.

Join us at 8:00 am on March 10th at SATELLITE 2016  for Via Satellite’s 2015 Excellence Awards Winners Breakfast to showcase these remarkable members of the Satellite industry. Individual seats and tables are available to be reserved. Click “Register Now” to reserve your seat or table.

Individual Seats:  $50    |    Full table (10):  $450

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Company Awards Categories

Technology Company of the Year

For the satellite industry to maintain and grow its role in the overall
communications and entertainment ecosystem, technology companies are going to have to continue pushing the boundaries in order for satellite to complement and compete with other terrestrial technologies. This award recognizes a company that has raised the bar in 2015 in terms of satellite technology.

Humanitarian Award

We live in a time where natural disasters appear to be on the increase and it’s ever more evident that all player in society need to reach out to benefit those in need. This award recognizes a satellite company that has taken a lead role in humanitarian projects that benefit disadvantaged or distressed communities around the world.

Social Media Campaign of the Year

Most companies now are looking to ramp up their social media presence and use this platform as way of engaging with customers. With this award, Via Satellite recognizes a satellite company that has been particularly innovative in their social media efforts.

Vertical Impact Award

Broadcasting, In-Flight Connectivity (IFC), oil and gas, and military are vital verticals for the satellite industry with many operators expanding their markets to strengthen these business areas. This award recognizes the satellite company that has performed most strongly in an industry vertical.

Operator of the Year

Satellite operators are the heartbeat and pulse of our industry, and their success flows throughout the entire value chain. Via Satellite wants to recognize the operator that had a major impact in 2015 and played a key role in keeping the whole industry thriving.

Integrated Marketing Campaign of the Year

In the age of twitbook and facestagram colliding with newspapers and magazines, successful marketing campaigns use a multichannel approach. Via Satellite wishes to recognize the best integrated marketing campaign to bolster a unified message in both online and offline environments.

Individual Awards Categories

Lifetime Achievement

While the flagship Satellite Executive of the Year Award recognizes excellence over a 12-month period, many executives dedicate their lives to this industry. Via Satellite recognizes and rewards individuals who have worked tirelessly in this industry over a number of years.

Woman in Technology

The satellite industry, while progressive in many ways, still is a male-dominated business. However, there are a number of women making a difference in this industry and Via Satellite wishes to recognize them with this award.

Rising Engineer of the Year

One of the key issues facing the satellite industry is its ability to attract young talent that will lead and shape the industry for decades to come. With this award, Via Satellite acknowledges the engineers making a difference in our industry, and will be the leaders of tomorrow.

Winners will be announced at the Awards Breakfast on March 10 @ 8:00 AM at SATELLITE 2016.

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